Beginner Coin Collecting Tips

Beginner Coin Collecting Tips: Basic Items Every Coin Collector Needs

If you’re reading this, you may be thinking about getting into collecting coins. That’s great!

Coin collecting is not only a hobby… it’s an investment. Every coin that you add to your collection will only gain value over the years.

So, what tools and supplies do you need to start collecting?



A magnifying tool. 

Magnifying GlassThis will be collators best friend, every collector has magnifying glass in their pocket. We have to read the dates and mint marks conditions while holding them up at different angles in the light to see if that would help. Magnifying glass comes with different types with different sizes. Recommend to buy with led light. It will help you to read details clearly.



Numismatists books
this will be the best way to get information about coins, there are many books published for Coins and Currency Publicationscollectors offers the most historically accurate references. Find them and read grow your knowledge. Also you can refer online articles from internet,






Coin Storages

Coin tube

Coin tubes are ideal for storing large quantities of coins.tubes are archival safe for long term storage. This will help you to store your coins with less space and organize.


Coin holders and capsules

PVC free Airtight capsules offer superb long term protection and will improve the appeal of your collection. this coin capsules comes with different sizes and different brands make sure to get acid free quality capsules.

$_57 coin capsules





Coin Albums 

Large selection of different type coin albums available, but try to get good quality albums it’s save your coins and best protection for your collection . be careful when you select albums , some chines made cheap coin album contain acid they will damage your coins.
recommended brands NUMIS Lighthouse(Germany)

Lighthouse coin album


Coin holders Flips Cardboard/Plastic

efficient way to keep your coins organized. You can store them in coin album after store in coin flips. other advantage is easy to catalog the coins, you can write year, catalog code, country. Self-adhesive type recommended if not use copper or copper coated stapler pins to apply.  Ordinary stapler made by steel, due to rust it will damage coin flip then coin album.

coin flips

coin flips

coin flips -plastic

coin flips -plastic


Copper Stapler pins

Copper Stapler pins



special gloves


COIN INSPECTION GLOVESIf you get into more serious or high-grade coins you’ll want to have special gloves since human skin has oils and dirt that can be harmful to coins. A thin pair of cotton gloves are best.
















A Word of Advice about Cleaning Coins

If you are new to coin collecting, then you might be thinking about “cleaning” your coins. Yes, some of your coins are going to look dull and dingy, but cleaning coins reduces the value to a collector.