Coin sets

Ceylon 1951 Proof set (1951 5 Cent Proof)

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1957 CEYLON PROOF SET – Mintage 700 SETS

700 sets of 4 Proof coins each (PS3) and 400 sets of 2 Proof coins each (PS2) were issued. The four proof coins are embedded (two Rs5/- coins on top and Rs1/- below) in dark blue velvet inside a dark blue 11.5cm square spring hinged box with the Emblem of the Central Bank of Ceylon printed in gold on top. The Emblem of the Royal Mint is printed in black on the white satin in the inside cover.

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1971 CEYLON PROOF COIN SET – Mintage 20,000

Central Bank of Ceylon 1971 Proof Set in original presentation case complete with information leaflet and outer card envelope.Mintage 20,000

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1976 Non-Aligned Summit Conference Proof set – Mintage 500

scarce Sri-lanka 2 coin proof set 1976, low mintage

The two coin proof sets are embedded in dark blue velvet inside adark blue 13.0 by 6.0 cm rectangular spring hinged box with a 3.0 cm diameter the Emblem of the Central Bank of Ceylon printed in gold on top. The Emblem of the Royal Mint is printed in black on the white satin in the inside cover*. Each of the two round slots has a purple ribbon to lift the coin out. The Rs 2 coins fits on the left, but the two coins were issued sealed in a single double compartment plastic sheet. Any marks you see are on the plastic sheet not on the coins as these are still sealed!

CBSL confirmed the number of Proofs minted is only 500 (as listed by Sallay).

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Sri Lanka 1978 Proof Set – Mintage 20,000

1978 Proof coinage set of eight coins from Sri Lanka which up until it became a Republic in 1972 was known as Ceylon. These coins were all struck by the Royal Mint. It contains two 1 rupee coins, one to mark the inauguration of the new President, also a 50,25,10,5,2,& 1 cent coins,  The display case & outer protective cover & comes with an insert which has some information about the country. 

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50th Anniversary of Sri Lanka Independence – coin Pack


Sri Lanka Circulated coin set – CBSL

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250th Anniversary of Syamopasampadawa – coin set


King Gorge VI coin set

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Sri Lanka Coin set – Custom Made Japan

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1996 Cricket World Cup – Coin Pack

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Sri Lanka Circulation Coin set 2006

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Sri Lanka Cricket World Cup 2007 Coin Card


Sri Lanka Coin set – CBSL

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Sri Lanka – Ceylon Custom Made coin sets

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